About us

Grandel International provides high quality bulk soap and paper dispensers to the U.S., Canadian, and Mexican markets. We offer products with superior life expectancies which allow the user to realize cost savings in paper and chemicals throughout the years. In other words, our products are designed to be permanent fixtures...not fixtures that need replacement parts every few months or have to be thrown away after a year or so.

Our dispensers appeal to every type of user -- from the small, "mom & pop" business to the largest of corporations, to health clubs, schools, theme parks to industrial & government facilities. They are available through distributors, chemical and paper manufacturers, service companies who contract to clean facilities, and catalog companies. Grandel International is the exclusive U.S. supplier of the Durolla NZ tissue dispenser and the Brightwell line of soap and paper dispensers.

Grandel International is a sole proprietorship, formed in August 1987 by Grant Williams.